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iAps2030 is about human development and interconnection with nature.
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iAps2030 is about transformative education and ethical civic engagement
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iAps2030 is about planetary health & social justice innovation
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iAps2030 is about the sustainable development goals and our dynamic, reflexive, contextual, participatory and relational lives.
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ApS is the acronym for “Aprendizaje-Servicio”, what means Service-Learning in Spanish. iApS2030 refers to a transdisciplinar innovation unit developed in the University of the Balearic Islands.

iApS2030 is about developing educational and social innovation strategies in dimensions as complex as sustainability, planetary health, or global social justice. This unit might design educational solutions in synergy with the third sector, public entities, or scientific institutes. iApS2030 can also provide specific advice on the institutionalization of Service-Learning through the transfer of high-quality research within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, human rights, and innovative perspectives on sustainability.

iApS2030 research can be also transferred to the economic sector, facilitating the development of business initiatives that are socially committed to sustainability, health promotion and human rights.

  • iApS2030 is a unique organization that aims to facilitate “BIG WINs” between global challenges and individual personal development through education.
  • iApS2030 follows the structure and functioning of a LIVING LAB, an open system that integrates innovation processes within public – nonprofit – private alliances.
  • iApS2030 promotes the development of ADVOCACY TANKS in particular topics aimed to advice policymakers. It also works as a HUB for other regional, European or global organizations.


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